Speeding Up Your WordPress Website: 3 Case Studies

If you have a slow WordPress powered website, or you're working on a WordPress website you want to load faster, this video is for you.

We look at three websites that were slow and we kicked them into high gear.

Reducing WordPress Website Load Times by 4.7 Seconds

In this video, one website's home page was taking 7.1 seconds to load. GTMetrix gave it a 71% PageSpeed score. Barely a C.

After the speed tune-up, GTMetrix gave it an A with a 96% PageSpeed score. And it loaded at 2.4 seconds, 2.95 times faster than it used to.

Most of the speed increase was due to installing a few plugins. Which we'll discuss.

This presentation is mainly for beginners to intermediate WordPress users.

No coding knowledge needed.

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40% of People Abandon a Website that Takes More Than 3 Seconds to Load

Why Your Slow Website Could be Costing You Sales

If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load you're losing valuable customers to your competition.

In today's modern world, Internet users are used to accessing information quickly at their fingertips. They are more impatient now than they have ever been before.

Slow websites cost sales. Even if you don't directly sell a product or service, you're losing a potential sales conversation when someone gives up on your website and visits a competitor instead.

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