25-Year Old Party Rental Company Fights Off New Competitors

A few months before we started a search engine ranking campaign for this 25-year old party rental company, I got a surprise email. I'll never forget that email. In fact, I had to look at it twice...

What Do You Do When a Key Employee Becomes a Competitor?

I opened the email from the party rental company's owner. It was simple enough. It went something like this:

"Take all the photos of so-and-so off the website." 


Why the owner wanted the photos of one of their key employees removed...

This person was a key employee for several years. His picture was on a lot of the pages on the website.

After quitting his job, some of their best clients were getting phone calls from him.

He was working for a competitor. And now he was stealing clients.

But that wasn't all that was going on...

sharks competition

More Trouble: A New Shark in the Water

A new party rental startup was making waves. A savvy shark, who didn't know a lot about the party rental business, but was snagging customers off Google.

Feeding Off High Google Rankings

The competitor's website started ranking higher on Google. They pushed our client down Google, and the new challenger rose to the top for a lot of important keywords.

Competitive Pressure Building

The 25-year old company had been the most well known in the region. They had a great reputation.

But their competition was eating into their business.

And their old website wasn't bringing in the business it used to.

It was out of date. It was slow. It wasn't built for SEO.

Here's how we fixed things...


Created an SEO Custom Road Map

We mapped out what keywords competitors were ranking for. We looked at what keywords cost the most to advertise on Google. We put together a plan to get to the top spots for the most profitable keywords. Our goal was to get better search engine rankings in 3 key areas: the Google Map Pack, Google organic listings and also for videos or featured snippets.

We Built a New WordPress Powered Website Based on Our SEO Road Map

The party rental company owner loved how easy it was to find things on his old website. He wanted to make sure the new website was as easy to find things on. We had to make it easy to use on a smartphone and ready for Google's Mobile index.

We also looked at what was working for competitors. When it made sense, we incorporated some of those features into the website.

A WordPress powered website was a good solution. WordPress has a lot of features that make it extremely Google friendly.

Optimizing for Lead Generation

The new website was created with many features proven to turn more web browsers into leads.

In September 2017 We Started an SEO Campaign

From our Custom SEO Road Map, we started putting the plan into action. We put into place specific code and also website link structure proven to get websites in Google's local 3-pack or map pack. We also optimized several pages for better rankings in the organic search listings. At first, there was a little dip in rankings. After that, things took off. See the chart below.


chart after local seo work
Party Rental Company Case Study- Keyword Rankings via SpyFu

Sales Doubled Within a Few Months

Here's what our client said a few months into the search engine campaign:

"DSC Web Services is amazing! Before we hired them our search engine ranking were always below our competitors. After just a few months of work DSC has us at the top and our sales have doubled!!!" 

Dollar Value of SEO Campaign So Far

According to the SpyFu chart above, the estimated monthly SEO clicks value is $18.2K. You read that right, $18,200 per month.

This is an estimate based on how much it would cost if you paid Google to rank for these same keywords.

Owner Partially Retires - Family Members Run the Day-to-Day Business Now

What's the owner doing now? He builds custom motorcycles and volunteers at a horse rescue.

He still spends time in the party rental business. But part-time. His family runs the day-to-day operations.

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Who Will This Help the Most?

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