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Local SEO Training - Workshops in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Want to own the top spots on Google?

We've helped B2B and B2C business owners get leads all across the US through our nationwide organic SEO services. If you're looking for new customers from across the United States, we can help.

Get Phone Calls & New Business Nationwide With a National Search Engine Optimization Campaign

According to a 2014 study by MOZ, 51.13% of clicks go to the top 3 organic spots. 31.24% goes to the first position. 14.04% goes to the 2nd position. And 9.85% goes to the 3rd position.

That's why smart business owners want to gobble up this virtual real estate. If you own these positions, you get more business coming your way. It's as simple as that.

Take The Next Step

Before ramping-up a national SEO campaign, we create your custom roadmap to SEO success. It's the first step.

We look at where you are now, research your competition and look for opportunities.

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2014 MOZ SEO Study
2014 Moz Study Found that 55.13% Click on the Top 3 Google Organic Spots

Get Started With Your Own Custom SEO Road Map

You get a custom guide, a "road map," for your business with specific steps guaranteed to get you better search engine rankings.

Researched specifically for you by an SEO professional. You can either go through the guide yourself and take these actions or you can hire someone to do it for you. Either way, you are guaranteed to get better search engine rankings.

Who Will This Help the Most?

  • If you own a local, family-run business
  • If competitors in your industry are becoming more SEO and internet savvy
  • If you know you need to get better search engine rankings, but you don't know where to begin

To find out more about the Custom SEO Road Map, click on the button below.

Ricky Talkington

"I have been working with DSC Web Services for 18+ years. DSC Web Services have helped design and create over 10 websites. They are always there when I need them. They get things updated or fix on my websites very fast. I highly recommend their services ."

Mandy Vavrinak

"Doug has stepped in to tackle problems that other providers were unable to address or fix. He takes the time to educate when needed and he meets deadlines and timelines... making it easy for me to meet mine with my clients. He and his team have a deep and wide knowledge of all things web-related and they are my first choice for programming and internet marketing questions, projects and challenges."

Greg Guthrie

"Working with Doug has been refreshing! He was able to accommodate our needs and scope changes in stride and provide a valuable solution for us."