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Local SEO Training Session - WordCamp DFW 2018

Doug Stewart: Native Tulsan and Local SEO Professional

Doug Stewart, our local SEO expert, was born at Hillcrest Hospital in Tulsa, OK. He studied computer programming at Tulsa Community College and Business Management at The University of Tulsa.

He also studied advertising and technical writing at The University of North Texas.

Local SEO Expertise

Before there was a Google, Doug worked to get his clients to the top of Alta Vista, Excite, GoTo, Ask Jeeves and Dogpile.

“Back-in-the-day” Doug built websites with Microsoft’s Frontpage and hand-coded HTML to get websites to the top of the search engines. Eventually, DSC Web Services and its clients outgrew Microsoft Frontpage.

Then we hired two developers, TJ Stewart and Jason Morris. With TJ and Jason’s help, we built a search engine friendly e-commerce platform, Fast Cat Carts.

Today DSC Web Services builds websites and performs search engine work primarily on the WordPress CMS.

Doug also teaches local SEO basics using WordPress at WordCamps and other conferences (see below).

SEO Training and Speaking

Tulsa Tech - Doug Stewart taught a class to help small businesses get found on the web
Social Media Tulsa - SEO, Social media and WordPress Training/Speaking
WordCamp DFW - Local SEO Basics with WordPress

For more details, view Doug's Linked in profile here ›

Doug also helps organize the Tulsa WordPress Meetups

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Proven Search Engine Ranking Process for Promoting Locally Owned Businesses

DSC Web - Google ReviewFirst, we look at where you're listed on Google now. What keywords are you ranking for? How do you stack up to your competition?

We research the following:

  • Technical and On-Page Factors
  • Backlinks/Link Building
  • Content Assessment and Recommendations
  • Map Out Your Local Keyword Universe
  • GMB and Map Pack Competitive Landscape
  • Organic Listings - Recommended Actions

Then we create an action plan and get to work. We get quick wins where we can. We prioritize work by potential profits and by your company strengths.

Here are Actual Results from One of Our Client's Monthly SEO Reports:

YTY Increase in Website Traffic

Customer's Increase in Website Traffic - Nov 2017 vs Nov 2018 - After Local SEO Campaign

Here's Why Our Local Search Engine Optimization Process Works

Our local SEO specialists find out what keywords people in your industry are paying the most on Google to advertise. Then we improve your current web pages and build new web pages that get high search engine rankings for those keywords.

We also find out which keywords are getting the most traffic or clicks. And we build web pages to get high search engine rankings for those keywords too.

Check out the results one of our clients is getting:

Estimated SEO Value

Estimated Monthly SEO Keyword Clicks Value Based on Google Advertising Cost Per Click

The data in the chart above is from SpyFu. It’s for one of our clients after 1 year of search engine work. We started an SEO campaign for them in October 2017.

As you can see, SpyFu estimates their search engine rankings would cost approximately $14,500 per month if they paid Google advertising for the traffic.

SEO specialists research the most valuable keywords for you

We Help You Own the Highest Value Google Listings in Your Region

owning highest value keywords in town

This Chart Compares the Top 5 Party Rental Companies in Dallas Approximate Website Keyword Value in Clicks per Month via SpyFu

Why Would an SEO Consultant Recommend This?

Because if you own the highest valued real estate on Google, you’ll get the lion’s share of the best phone calls. Phone calls from people ready-to-buy. People looking online for your products or services find you. They call you. You get the best phone calls BEFORE they start calling your competitors. Be the first in line at the feeding trough.

When you invest in owning the best online real estate, you start automatically winning the sweetest projects. The best deals come your way first.

Google’s First Page Lists Fewer and Fewer Companies; How We Use this to Your Advantage

In August 2015, Google changed the number of companies listed in the local pack from 7 to 3.  This is just one change of many that have reduced the number of companies listed on Googles' first page.

In 2018, Google added a "carousel" of videos to many searches. This made it easier for smart companies to get more exposure on Google's first page results.

Google first page domination

Example of Fewer Companies on Google's First Page - Actual Google SERP 1/3/2019

Clients for Life: We Work Exclusively With Only One Business per Region

We believe our clients are our partners. That's why we only work with one business in a category for any region. We work hard to help our clients win the lion's share of the business in their region. We want our clients to be the category king in their town.

Avoiding Penalties and Sketchy Short Term Practices

We do our best to follow the rules and stay away from short-term Google exploits. Which means some of our work can take time. SEO is an investment. Not a quick shot of sugar and caffeine, that gives a quick burst of energy and disappears after 30 minutes.

We're in it for the long haul. That's why our clients stay with us for a long time.

GUARANTEE: Own the Highest Ranked Estimated Value Keywords in Your Industry for Your Region within 12 Months or Your Money Back

The only money back guarantee that I know of in the SEO industtry. After working with us for 12 months, you will own the best Google rankings for the highest estimated value keywords in your industry locally. What that means is you will own the website with the best, most expensive rankings when compared to your local competitors.

Getting Started with DSC Web Services, Inc's Local SEO Services

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Real World Experiments in Social Media that Helped Companies Get Higher Rankings on Google

SMTULSA Conference: On March 28 - 29, 2019 in Tulsa, Oklahoma Doug Stewart is scheduled to talk about:

  1. A powerful Pinterest process that helped a Dallas party rental company get an additional 200 website visitors a day within 1 week of implementing
  2. A YouTube experiment that ranked a video #2 on Google within 24 hours
  3. How adding one simple phrase to a social media profile helped an IT company get a number 1 listing in Google's local Map Pack for an important keyword

To find out more about the SMTulsa 2019 Conference speaking schedule, click here ›

After Getting Top Search Engine Rankings for an IBM Business Partner, Sales Rep Goes from Selling $10K Printers to $70K Printers

In 1998 Doug Stewart, SEO consultant, sold printers for an IBM Business Partner. When the company needed more leads, Doug built a website and got it to the top of the search engines for them.

The IBM Business partner became the first client for DSC Web Services, Inc.

For more about how the company began, click here.

Tulsa Technology Center Hires Doug Stewart to Teach Class for Small Business Owners on Getting Found on the Web

Local SEO Expert Taught Tulsa Technology Class

Advertisement for Small Business SEO Class Taught by Doug Stewart at Tulsa Tech

Tulsa Technology Center hired Doug Stewart to teach a class for local business owners on getting found on the web. The class was a two-day class covering search engine optimization basics. It was taught at the Tulsa Tech - Lemley Memorial Campus. This class is no longer available.

Social Media Tulsa Conference Speaker - SEO and WordPress

Doug Stewart has spoken at the SMTULSA conference on SEO, WordPress Plugins, and participated on panels at local meetups. Find out more about Social Media Tulsa ›

November 10th, 2018 -Doug Stewart Teaches Local SEO Workshop at WordCamp DFW

Wondering what it takes to get your website listed in Google for local searches? This talk walked through best local SEO practices and also answers the following questions:

  • Should you pay for Yoast premium or the Yoast Local SEO plugin? Is it worth it?
  • Do I need to learn schema markup?
  • What are some common mistakes that could get you kicked out of local searches on Google?

After this talk, you’ll be able to confidently increase your website’s visibility on Google local searches using a WordPress powered website. Or become more knowledgeable when hiring an SEO consultant.

For more about this talk, click here ›

Get Started With Your Own Custom SEO Road Map

You get a custom guide, a "road map," for your business with specific steps guaranteed to get you better search engine rankings.

Researched specifically for you by an SEO professional. You can either go through the guide yourself and take these actions or you can hire someone to do it for you. Either way, you are guaranteed to get better search engine rankings.

Who Will This Help the Most?

  • If you own a local, family-run business
  • If competitors in your industry are becoming more SEO and internet savvy
  • If you know you need to get better search engine rankings, but you don't know where to begin

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