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DSC Web Investments is a digital marketing service company specializing in getting local businesses higher search engine rankings.

  • Texas Owned Company

  • BCS Based Marketing Firm

If you're a business that relies on customers in your region or hometown, you'll want to be listed in Google's map pack. Over 67% of local searches are clicked on in the top 3 spots in the map pack. We help businesses get listed in these spots and stay there.

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SEO Training - Bryan, Texas

Live local SEO training in Bryan, Texas. Learn search engine optimization best practices. For hands-on live training from local professionals, click here ›

Local SEO Training - Workshops in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Qualified Leads from People Ready To Buy Your Products & Services

Lead Generation

Looking for more leads from buyers ready, willing, and able to buy? Check out our lead generation services.

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Get Started With Your Own Custom SEO Road Map

You get a custom guide, a "road map," for your business with specific steps guaranteed to get you better search engine rankings.

Researched specifically for you by an SEO professional. You can either go through the guide yourself and take these actions or you can hire someone to do it for you. Either way, you are guaranteed to get better search engine rankings.

Who Will This Help the Most?

  • If you own a local, family-run business
  • If competitors in your industry are becoming more SEO and internet savvy
  • If you know you need to get better search engine rankings, but you don't know where to begin

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Julie Dixon

"Doug has done an amazing job for us and we will continue to us his services. He is detailed, fast, and always delivers..."

Warren Neeley

"Doug has been a huge help to me and our website needs. I needed a complete site converted off a Microsoft web structure and onto/into WordPress, and he had that done in a short time.

Doug moved the site and provided key education. Editing my site now has so much more in the way of tools for SEO and readability. The WordPress and added tools that he set up for me are far more powerful and helpful than I had with the prior tools. I recommend Doug and his work to get you set up, ready and running!"

Barry LeFlore

"Doug has always provided great service with a great price. DSC services runs a professional Web design business."